Trekking Guide Hiring in Nepal

Are you looking for Porter Guide for Hiring in Nepal?

Are you looking for Porter Guide in Nepal? Our services is Nepal Porter or Nepali Guide( porter and guide in Nepal) available for your trekking in Nepal and Nepal Tour, If clients want just hire a guide or porter normally we charge you 23-25 euro for per day. Salary, Insurance, lodge, food is included in this price. A Guide can speak well English and arrange the lodge accommodations during your trek. He does not carry your Equipment, But porter or porter guide carry your equipment and arrange accommodation, lodge during your trip. Nepali Guide and Nepali Porter assist you during your trek, They are very helpful, kind, honest, respectful. You can enjoy your Nepal Trekking fully with Porter Guide in Nepal.

We are available for all the trekking season and all trekking Region in Nepal Himalayas around. We have knowledge about the Nepal Himalayas trekking, Peak climbing, Cycling tours. Our services is Porter Guide in Nepal (porter guide) availability in Nepal according to Client’s wishes, desires,needs. We provide the Porter Guide in Nepal for the tourists for all Trekking Regions according to client’s requires. We provide 2 kinds of services, porter and Guide service and Budget Trekking services. Or if clients want budget trekking in Nepal, we cost for according to Trekking regions and all included: Hotel in Kathmandu, Lodge, food, tea, coffee during the trek, Trekking permits, sightseeing in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Flight tickets, vehicles,airport pick up and drops, Guide, porters and their insurance all included. Our porter and Guide can speak English and Germany languages.

Porter Guide in Nepal  hiring   is considered one of the best  idea if you do not like Budget Trekking from Agency.In Nepal there are more than hundreds of Trekking company agencies and organize Budget treks.In such Trekking Agency we are definitely different to provide, service and assist  to clients for their travel in Nepal. We understand the clients  if just like to hire Nepali Guide or Nepal porter for Nepal Travel .it’s fine and we assist, service  or provide you Guide and porter for all Nepal Trekking Regions and Season in affordable, cheaper price. We have experience, Knowledgeable, Trained,  Honest Trekking Guide and Porter. We have been working and providing service to clients since 2008 in Nepal Tourism industries. Our am is to develop tourism by offering the best price and service to clients on their request, interest.  We are legal Nepal Government Registered company and safety for your travel and Guide  porter as well because  we are Register and we provide all kind of services on their Clients needs, interest by offering the best price also we are available in Nepal for all Trekking Regions and Seasons. For the Everest Region we provide you Trekking guide and porter Direct from Lukla. So you can meet your Local Guide and porter at the Airport. They are Local and strong, Honest, cheaper for your trek. And you do not have to pay for their Flight Tickets, vehicle charges, just pay  for their per day salary and enjoy your travel. They can speak good English and they know the well Trekking trail and accommodation .

How to meet  Porter & Guide in Nepal?

Visit Nepal 2023 provides you Porter Guide in Nepal. By an Agency porter Guide in Nepal hiring is safety for your Travel in  Nepal. Agency is responsible to provide you Porter and Guide with their insurance. Agency knows the better porter and Guides. It means Agency provides experienced, Trained, Honest, Healthy porters and Guides. By an Visit Nepal 2023 Nepal porter and Nepali Guide booking is safety and we can provide you the very experienced, trained, knowledgeable,  honest  staffs for your treks in Nepal.And our Agency is very responsible to help you and our staff in case of emergency during  the trek. Our company is situated in the Kathmandu Nepal. We meet you the porters and Guide in The Kathmandu. We introduce in the Kathmandu with our porters and Guide.

Why to Hire Porter  & Guide in Nepal from Agency?

-Agency is 100% secure.

-In case of emergency ,Agency rescue the porters and Guide.

-Agency provides the best Trekking Porters and Guide.

– Agency is service oriented to the clients.

-Porter Guide  in Nepal They are  trained by agency.

-Agency provides Nepal Government Trekking Guide license holder Guide.

-Agency provides strong, honest and very helpful Porters.

-Agency pay insurance for their staffs.

-Agency provides the equipment.

-Agency provides the NTC, NCL network mobile for an emergency.

What is the Cost for  Porter & Guide for  Hiring in Nepal?

Our Porter Guide Cost in Nepal which  is as bellow:-

Our Porter cost is 20$ per day. (Porter Cost can be different based on Trekking areas/Normal & Adventure)

Our Guide cost is 35$ Per day (Guide Cost can be different based on Trekking areas/Normal & Adventure)

Our Porter Guide cost is 30 Per day (Porter Guide Cost can be different based on Trekking areas/Normal & Adventure)

Our Porter Guide’s Insurance cost is $30 (We Provide Our Porter Guide in Nepal only with Trekking Insurance and in case of  accident we will rescue then we will be responsible. Safety and security on our Priority)

Note: Your porter and Guide insurance/ Transport is not included in this price(like bus ticket/flight tickets).

How much porter or Guide insurance?: Per person porter or Guide insurance cost is $30  by an our Agency.

What is included in Cost for Porter & Guide in Nepal?

-Trekking Nepali Guide salary.

-Porter salary.

-Porter guide salary.

-porter and Nepali guide insurance.

-Porter and Guide equipment provided by Agency.

– NTC, NCL network Mobile for an emergency provided by Agency.

What’s the weight limit to carry Porter and Porter guide your Luggage?

-30 Kg maximum porter carries.

-porter Guide carries maximum 10-15 Kg

Our Porter Guide are flexible, comfort, very helpful, friendly  and happy to work with you as Porter Guide in Nepal. They will help you with a pleasure during your Trek. Our Porter Guides are very experience and knowledgeable. Also we have an adventure Trekking Porter Guides who did the more than 6000 m. and high passes Treks in Nepal. Therefore our Porter Guide cost depends on their experience and adventure Passes. For the normal Trek we cost cheaper and for the high passes we cost a bit more to our clients. Porter carries about 30 kg and Porter Guide carries about 15 kg only. Choice is on your hand as you want. We provide as per you requirement in Nepal.

How to pay  Porter Guide salary in Nepal?

By an Agency booking clients can pay to Visit Nepal 2023 Direct in Kathmandu or clients can transfer the amount at an Agency bank account or you can pay in cash before starting your Trek. In Porter Guide salary we include their Per day salary, their Meals and accommodation but we do not include Porter Guide transport so that you have to pay yourselves for your Porter Guide in Nepal. The most important things that we pay for their Trekking insurance. Without Insurance, we do not provide you our Trekking Porter Guide in Nepal. And we will be 100% responsible for our Trekking Porter Guide. In cause of  emergency we will rescue our Trekking Porter Guide. We would like to inform you that, do not hire Porter Guide in Nepal without their Trekking Insurance.

Restricted Areas Trekking Permit and Peak climbing permits issue by An Agency

For Your Restricted Trekking Areas permit we issue you by an our Agency,but we take charge from you. The region we are legal Agency in Nepal. For the Restricted Areas,  Registered Trekking are only allowed to issue the Trekking permits. It mean we have to pay Tax. To issue your Restricted Trekking Permit you need License holder Trekking Guides and Trekking Guide’s Trekking insurance is required and Trekking Permit will be issued only through the Legal Registered Trekking agencies. So we would like to let your know, Our Trekking Agency is legal and registered that’s why we are able issue your Restricted Trekking Permit in Nepal. We arrange your restricted Trekking Permit promptly with the best Trekking Porter Guide in Nepal just let us know to provide our services.

How much Trekking Permit Charge for Restricted Areas by an Agency?

We have service for restricted Trekking areas Permit arrange. With the best Trekking Guide we issue your Trekking Permit. Just provide us your Trekking Itinerary, Trekking starting date and Trekking ending date, Your Original Passport, Your Photos and your Nepal Visa. We have all Agency document what is needed for issue your restricted Trekking permit in Nepal. To issue your Trekking Permit, According to rules and system we have to submit with all requires Trekking Guide’s Insurance, his license and Citizenship, Agency’s document then we go to Nepal immigration with Submitted Paper. Finally we obtain your Trekking Permit and we will provide you. It has long process so we charge 50$ for 2 Person and in plus 3 person we charge 20$ Per person. This our service Charge.

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