The Bonpo Sanctuary Trek is an extraordinary 35-day journey that combines adventure, spirituality, and natural beauty in the remote and mystical region of Dolpo, Nepal. This trek takes you deep into the heartland of the ancient Bon religion, offering a unique opportunity to explore the sacred sites and hidden valleys of this spiritual sanctuary.

“Bons few practices are totally opposite to the most peaceful philosophy on earth- Buddhism. Yet Bon is not rebellious religion, though has few followers now it is the religion prior to Buddha only trying to claim its sacred existence. Explore the thriving Bon Culture with us- Bonpo Sanctuary Trek”

The adventure begins with a flight to Juphal, followed by a trek through picturesque valleys, terraced fields, and charming villages. As you ascend into the higher altitudes, you’ll be surrounded by towering peaks, pristine rivers, and dense forests. The trail leads you to the sacred Bonpo monasteries and hermitages, where you can witness the ancient rituals and teachings of the Bon religion, one of the oldest spiritual traditions in the Himalayas.


  • Day 01:Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
  • Day 02:Fly from Nepalgunj to Jumla
  • Day 03:Jumla to Gothichaur
  • Day 04:Gothichaur to Chotra
  • Day 05:Chotra to Kai gaon
  • Day 06:Kaigaon to Khaliban
  • Day 07:Khaliban to Karelikanda
  • Day 08:Karelikanda to Dunai
  • Day 09:Dunai to Bajribara
  • Day 10:Trek back to Dunai
  • Day 11:Dunai to Chhepka (2670m) 6-7 hrs trek
  • Day 12:Chhepka to Pungmo
  • Day 13:Pungmo to Taparicha School
  • Day 14:Taparicha School to Phoksundo
  • Day 15:Rest day at Phoksundo
  • Day 16:Phoksundo to Sallaghari 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day 17:Sallaghari to (Mandala Camp) Kangla BC (4100m) 5-6 hrs trek
  • Day 18:Kangla BC (Mandala) to Kangla pass (5240m) Shey Gompa( 4280m) 5-6hrs
  • Day 19:Shey Gompa to Shyamling Gompa
  • Day 20:Shaymling to Campsite
  • Day 21:Campsite to Saldang
  • Day 22:Saldang to Rakyor
  • Day 23:Rakyor to Campsite
  • Day 24:Campsite to Takyu via Chang La Pass
  • Day 25:Takyu to Dho (3944m)
  • Day 26:Dho to Campsite
  • Day 27:Campsite to Pass camp
  • Day 28:Pass camp to Chharka
  • Day 29:Chharka to Nulungsumda
  • Day 30:Nulungsumda to Ghalden Ghuldum
  • Day 31:Ghalden Ghuldum to Sangta
  • Day 32:Sangta to Kagbeni
  • Day 33:Kagbeni to Jharkot and then to Muktinath
  • Day 34:Muktinath to Lubrak
  • Day 35:Lubrak to Jomsom