This trek will also take you through the ranges of mountains accompanied by the unique Tibetan Culture of Dolpo people. Beside the secenic ant environment of Dolpo you will also get an opportunity to get deep expose with ancient cultures,traditions, and tools and equipmnts used by Dolpo people at Dolpo Festival 2020 which is going to be held at Phoksundo.

Phoksundo festival 11th -15th September 2020 Except for the winter months of January, February, March (magh, fagun and chait) the villages of phoksundo and the Phoksundo Lake is comfortably accessible. The timing of the festival is decided to be held in September because it is the best time of the year for travelers and trekkers. The trails and bridges along the way might get disrupted during monsoon but during the festival dates the problems would be fixed and the weather would clear up gradually and show the true beauty of nature and the autumn season.

The festival is also going to be held in the premises of the pristine phoksundo lake. Rigmo, the village just about five minutes away from the lake will be the host to the visitors and guests. All the accommodation will also get organize by the organizers with the support and coordination from the villagers. Local dishes will be prioritized for visitors. Tradition and cultural performances (Shyapdo, Ngyunlu) from the villagers and other participants, sports event, horse riding and boating will be a major sources of entertainment during the festival. You can plan your vacation, travels and treks during the festival as this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity and event for every traveler and visitors.

Outline Itinerary

Day01:Arrival in Kathmandu

Day02:Kathmandu to Nepalgunj/ flight

Day03:Nepalgunj to Juphal/ flight and Juphal to Dunai/ (2150m)

Day04:Dunai to Tarakot (2540m) 5-6 hrs Trek

Day05:Tarakot to Laini Odar (3375m)/ 4-5 hrs Trek

Day06:Laini Odar to Nawarpani

Day07:Nawarpani to Dho Tarap (3950m)/ 6-7 hrs Trek

Day08:Excursion around Dho Tarap for acclimatization

Day09:Dho Tarap to Sulung Khola Camp crossing Chhoila (5051m)

Day10:Khola Camp to Tinje (4110m)

Day11:Tinje to Shimen (3850m)

Day12:Shimen to Mischa (4200m) crossing Muri la

Day13:Mischa to Yangjer (4599m)

Day14:Yangjer to Salgang (3770m)

Day15:Saldang to Namgung (4360m)

Day16:Namgung to Shey Gompa (4343m) crossing sela (5095m)

Day17:Shey to High Camp

Day18:High camp to Lake side camp (3620m) crossing Nangdala (5350m)

Day19:Lake side camp to Phoksundo (3610m).






Day27:Phoksundo to Chhepka (2720m)

Day28:Chhepka to Juphal (2475m)

Day29:Juphal to Nepalgunj and to Kathmandu on same day by fiight